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About The Conference
With changing times, the principles and practices of doing business have undergone a sea change. After capitalism swept the world, and large scale production became the norm with companies, collating data, analyzing it and then managing it to better the business became extremely important. Hence, Business Analytics came into practice and gradually became a huge science that has been helping businesses understand consumer behavior and the latest trends in the market that drive it.

The latest example of aggressive use of data analysis is the malls mushrooming all over cities and the smart/ tab cabs operating successfully the world over. Be it the hospitals, corporate houses, hospitality industry, or any other field of business, using the latest technology to make data talk to the experts has been on the rise. Social Media, on the other hand, has opened newer vistas for data tracking with reports claiming Facebook, Twitter and other online social platforms raking in the moolah. What is needed is using technology to understand data that will help in meeting the challenges of financial pressures and difficult markets.

The Economic Times Business Analytics Summit

However, despite the heat of business analytics reaching India, it is still in a nascent stage. Hence, it is time to get an insight into the business of data analysis, or business analytics as it is better known and The Economic Times is proud to present a conference that will help understand the science of business analytics. Experts from various streams of the market will explain the latest trends, scope, prospects, and the future of business analytics at the conference. While the thought leaders will help to decipher the significance of, and cautionary practices in, deciphering data at the conference, the Summit will also help in industry connect under one roof. Training Institutes and start-ups can look forward to tie-ups at the conference too. This is a conference to understand the intersection of business and data as data consumes us.
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